New Project for 2016

I am writing a blog post after a long time. I mostly can’t decide what I want to write and change my mind after writing for a short while. I am starting the Daily Prompt challenge with this post with hopes to start posting regularly. Today’s prompt is “Write Here, Write Now” and so I am going as much as possible in theĀ present tense.

While writing, I am still feeling hesitant whether I should post it or not. “Would people mind my simple content?” or “Should I write a more sophisticated post?” are some of the questions circling in my mind. But I do have to start sometime and I think if I don’t do it now then I never will. I am sure I will have the same issues the next time too. I am putting my apprehensions aside and clicking the post button. šŸ™‚


We have the power

What is the thing most of us want? Power. Some of us even crave it. Some of us show it with abuse. Others show it with obsession. But we already have it. We have the power to love , power to hate, power to hurt , power to heal. We also have power to teach, power to learn and power to build. We just don’t have the power to nature. No actually we have. Power to destroy it? We definitely are using it.