Preserving Legacy

I went to Nandi Hills today and visited the Lord Bhoga Nandishwara Temple. It was a beautiful temple with a rich history but what got my attention were these wheels.


These are carved stone wheels for a chariot. They are being prepared for Maha Shivratri Festival (a Hindu Festival). They will be cleaned and painted again before it. Parallelly a wooden chariot will be prepared with huge wooden wheels (much bigger than this) on which these wheels will be installed. Eight such wheels will be prepared. One can imagine how big will be the chariot. These wheels are probably hundreds of years old. It impresses me greatly how the temple caretakers have protected the heritage of this temple. Protecting this heritage should be never ending cycle and wheels are a fitting symbol with circles with no ending point.


My way and the Highway

highway2I love traveling. Most of the people following me surely observed. For me traveling is more about the journey for it then the place. I am not zealous on marking places on my map. It’s when my mind is free flying with philosophy or bungee jumping in valley of thoughts.

I love traveling. I love highways. I love flying. But I have preferred roads from a while now. Have you ever compared highways with your life?  Some of you have I know. It is comic how alike are highways and life.

Suppose life is the highway. The destination is our goal. The uninhabited land declares you are alone in the journey. Just like cars, people will come from behind and overtake you for their destinations. They will want you to give them way if you are in between. If you don’t they will blow the horns till you get aside. If you still don’t the assholes will just hit you, make you fall and continue. If they are crushed on luck, they will get tangled in their attempt and fall too.

The milepost shows how near are we from our aim. The ceaseless white lines on both the sides express that out target is just opening to another destination. The toll tax plazas articulate the things we have to give or pay for our life. The sign posts are like the signs we receive during the course of the life be it on danger or felicity. The scene beyond the fences on the highway convey the verve of others life that appeals to you from far. But you know you can’t divert from your course. The villages can be identified with people you meet in your life. You like their company rather than solitariness. But people come and go. You need to still go forward.

Highways teach you some lessons too. You don’t always have to break rules. You need to learn some discipline and self-control because rules are always made for safety. You need to follow them sometimes. Heavy vehicles are dangerous and so are some people. You need to learn to recognize them and avoid them. Being ignorant will make you pay a lot more than you can imagine or are ready to pay.

Surat to Mumbai 1

I particularly mentioned ‘1’ in the title because there are many more to come as I frequently go to Mumbai. I have traveled on this route God knows how many times. But I have never got a bit bored.

Journeys have always made me happy. There is instant improvement in my mood. Like if I have left my home after a fight, My mood will change till I reach my destination. Travelling has always been my favorite. No matter how I am going to travel – by train, bus or air – I always enjoy it thoroughly.

I have wrote a similar post before, on Surat to Hyderabad. you might want to read.

I mostly travel by train. So most of my journey notes here will be on train, of train, by me.

Most of these or everything you can say, is regular stuff you see on train.

As some of you know I prefer window seats, this time I got one. So I didn’t have to got to search one. Wind in your hair, thoroughly gripping novel, a beautiful view with hills on the horizon and music in your ears, what more would you ask for?

So when I boarded my train I found five ‘chillars’ were going to travel beside me. Children are so irritating sometimes. These were too at some extent. There were worse I had faced before so I didn’t mind them much.

Every station gets new vendors in the boogie selling what its famous for besides tea and coffee. I am so used to this route and also because I live in the same state I know by heart what should you eat on which junction. I came savoring most of it. The vendors have their territory in trains too. They divide boogies between them. If any other comes in their boogie they fight cats and dogs.

My native has a station in between though my train doesn’t stop there. I saw those mango orchids having baby mangoes. They were mouthwatering even on trees. I wonder how would I wait till they come into the market. I saw some village schools from the window. They had no feel of institution. They looked like a small house. It exactly looked like those kindergartens and playschools that run in bungalows. Some really picturesque places came in between but the moving train made it impossible to take some good pictures.

My favorite part of every journey from Surat to Mumbai is after train crosses Gujarat border and the hills start to appear. Right from when I was a child to till today, I always looked forward to see these hills. The salt pans near the ‘Khadis’ – creeks of Mumbai reminded me of my visits to Dandi and other beaches with my parents.

The one and only thing I hate about journeys is people staring at me. From three people standing, two were staring at me. So every time they talk in themselves you constantly think they are talking about you. Though I know there is less of that but still the thought nags you. There were some friendly and known people around. We shared our train experiences with others.

When you start your journey you have people around who speak your mother tongue. Once you cross the state border more and more people come in talking in their mother tongue. So till I was in Gujarat I was able to follow the conversations around and once I entered Maharashtra it felt like many Tushar kapoors from Golmaal were talking around.