Every End is a New Beginning

I have done a 10+3 Diploma course in Computer Engineering. So naturally after my 10th standard, I had to leave all my friends from school for my college. In those days, I was not enough mature and was not able to deal with the reality of leaving them. I am one of those people who are very attached to their friends, I am sure everybody is at the age of 16. I was bitter, in despair and unsure about my decision to leave school. With my parents and sister’s help, I managed. That was one of the best decisions I took.

I often wonder now, why was I so reluctant? I make friends easily. It comes naturally to me. So why was I afraid? But I am not going to sit and ponder about it now. I am happy now. I am now pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Computers. And I can gladly announce that leaving my friends from Diploma college was not that difficult after 3 years. I have grown emotionally too with years. It’s my happy ending. 🙂


Preserving Legacy

I went to Nandi Hills today and visited the Lord Bhoga Nandishwara Temple. It was a beautiful temple with a rich history but what got my attention were these wheels.


These are carved stone wheels for a chariot. They are being prepared for Maha Shivratri Festival (a Hindu Festival). They will be cleaned and painted again before it. Parallelly a wooden chariot will be prepared with huge wooden wheels (much bigger than this) on which these wheels will be installed. Eight such wheels will be prepared. One can imagine how big will be the chariot. These wheels are probably hundreds of years old. It impresses me greatly how the temple caretakers have protected the heritage of this temple. Protecting this heritage should be never ending cycle and wheels are a fitting symbol with circles with no ending point.

New Project for 2016

I am writing a blog post after a long time. I mostly can’t decide what I want to write and change my mind after writing for a short while. I am starting the Daily Prompt challenge with this post with hopes to start posting regularly. Today’s prompt is “Write Here, Write Now” and so I am going as much as possible in the present tense.

While writing, I am still feeling hesitant whether I should post it or not. “Would people mind my simple content?” or “Should I write a more sophisticated post?” are some of the questions circling in my mind. But I do have to start sometime and I think if I don’t do it now then I never will. I am sure I will have the same issues the next time too. I am putting my apprehensions aside and clicking the post button. 🙂