Faith Is Infectious

Did anyone ever tell you ‘I know you will do it’? Do you wonder how is it like having someone’s faith in you, especially when you don’t have faith in yourself? It is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world.

I consider myself lucky in this. I have, at crucial points of my life, met people that let me know their faith in my ability. They came into my life at right time to help me get going again. At that time they gave me that boost of confidence and even self-esteem that I needed. Their faith in me was infectious. I did stand up and now I am at better place in my life.

Now when I am again in difficult times, I remember them again. Though they are no longer part of my life but I have their faith. They made me resilient. This time I have one more reason to keep going. Knowing those people was wonderful. I try to dole out faith because I will be happy if I made a difference. I know it is not easy but a little faith will neither cut you open nor rob you out.



  1. Bikramjit · July 16, 2014

    amen to that .. it is true indeed that sharing a bit of faith is not gonna cut you open or rob you.. So do dole out that faith you never know who might be writing such a post in years to come thanking you for helping them 🙂

    good one and thank you for following my blog .. hope to see you around .. take care and god bless

    • Roohani Naik · July 17, 2014

      Thank You! I love your photos by the way. 😀

      • Bikramjit · July 23, 2014

        Thank you toooo 🙂

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