My way and the Highway

highway2I love traveling. Most of the people following me surely observed. For me traveling is more about the journey for it then the place. I am not zealous on marking places on my map. It’s when my mind is free flying with philosophy or bungee jumping in valley of thoughts.

I love traveling. I love highways. I love flying. But I have preferred roads from a while now. Have you ever compared highways with your life?  Some of you have I know. It is comic how alike are highways and life.

Suppose life is the highway. The destination is our goal. The uninhabited land declares you are alone in the journey. Just like cars, people will come from behind and overtake you for their destinations. They will want you to give them way if you are in between. If you don’t they will blow the horns till you get aside. If you still don’t the assholes will just hit you, make you fall and continue. If they are crushed on luck, they will get tangled in their attempt and fall too.

The milepost shows how near are we from our aim. The ceaseless white lines on both the sides express that out target is just opening to another destination. The toll tax plazas articulate the things we have to give or pay for our life. The sign posts are like the signs we receive during the course of the life be it on danger or felicity. The scene beyond the fences on the highway convey the verve of others life that appeals to you from far. But you know you can’t divert from your course. The villages can be identified with people you meet in your life. You like their company rather than solitariness. But people come and go. You need to still go forward.

Highways teach you some lessons too. You don’t always have to break rules. You need to learn some discipline and self-control because rules are always made for safety. You need to follow them sometimes. Heavy vehicles are dangerous and so are some people. You need to learn to recognize them and avoid them. Being ignorant will make you pay a lot more than you can imagine or are ready to pay.


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