Now They Are Dead

Now as Telegram is breathing its last, I find a memory associated with it coming back. Its a good memory. I was introduced to the telegram for the first time. I saw how a telegram actually looked. There were few days to my 13th birthday. A family friend had came to my house. We had a fine bonding. Between some talk he found out that I had never seen a telegram and my birthday was coming. On my birthday he sent me a telegram wishing me a happy birthday. The postman was already surprised that someone has sent a telegram. On asking my parents explained that I had never seen one before and so a friend had sent one.

Just like telegram, there are some things which are already dead.


What is said about wall decoration

  • Floppy disk
    I have seen floppy disks being used. I have seen those 4MB memory disk. But I was introduced to it when CDs had already arrived and taking place of floppy disks. When I came to an age of operating computer all by myself, it was already dead. Now floppy disks are used a paper weights, wall pieces and decorating material. Once I made a pen stand from floppy disks.encyclopedia
  • Encyclopedias
    When I was growing up, encyclopedias were perishing. But I was lucky on having two editions of Britannica‘s Encyclopedias. Britannica made one of the larger encyclopedias and they were the best. Though in this world, knowledge is power and is free, Physical encyclopedias will never be missed. films
  • Film
    The were there till I grew up and then vanished. I remember going to hill stations and beaches with my family and camera which worked on film. then we would give the film to be developed which would take months. But then the technology came in and films died. family album
  • Photographs
    With the death of films, photographs had taken a toll. Now they are barely living. With the digital cameras, we keep the photographs in it or transfer it in the computer. We don’t take care to print them out any more.

Sometimes I wonder, just like trends are changing now and we are changing, Maybe after centuries trends would change again and people would start doing the things like writing a diary, printing the the photographs and maintaining and album again. I really wish it happens. Generations after us are surely not going to get these habits due to us but maybe after few centuries….


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