Now what I think about friendship

friendshipNowadays most of the people are convinced that friendship between two people is only with a reason. I agree here that most of them are. But those real friendships are still there. There are few but they do exist.

For such friendships a great deal of effort have to be put by you. Yes you. You have to put most efforts because you want such a friendship. No emotional detachment will do here. You can’t fake it. You want to trust them, first prove that they can trust you. Friendships and built on trust. If you are worth it, the person will surely trust you.

Why do we need friends? Because nowadays we depend on them the most and that is why we are complaining too. Everybody wants someone to depend upon. We depend on them in happiness, sorrow, crisis and .. (you complete the list). The main point is you need someone so you are searching. The friends that you think are with a reason also need someone. They didn’t care and you didn’t care so you remained friends with a reason.

Another thing you can have only few true friends. Don’t try to convert each friendship because you will go crazy. You are a human and you cannot manage everything. I say your life should have very few such friends. Because only than we will appreciate them.


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