Experiment of Cecelia Ahern’s works

I recently completed One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern and found something interesting. She has written several novels but she is more famous for her novel PS I Love You. I am not a great fan of her works but I noted something.

From the three books I have read about Cecelia Ahern, I put together that they have three common points. One the main character is a woman, all of them had faced crisis recently and all of them recovered from them quite bravely. All her stories has a touch of feminism. Maybe its unintentional but sometimes you get a glimpse of it.

I read PS I Love You first. No comments on how much I liked it. In there Holly Kennedy is trying to cope up after her husband’s death. Her husband has left her 10 letters to help her rediscover herself.

Then I read Thanks For Memories. Here Joyce Conway is recovering from a miscarriage and a divorce. The plot is stupid though but the only gripping thing was her independence and decision to take it her own way.

I recently completed One Hundred Names. Here Katherine Logan is coming up from a court case, trying to save her only job and completing her editor cum friend’s dream feature article. I say that Katherine is stupid but  I loved the way she put together all the people to fulfill one task.

While reading I sometimes found plots silly and boring. Sometimes too predictable. The only thing I like was that in her stories women were fighting to withstand the situations and not surrendering to it. It at least made me complete her books.


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