My Drizzling Vacation

Exams are finally over. Last 15 days were not just a test of my academic work but also of my self control. I was on a Twitter Break from last 12-15 days. It took every ounce of my willpower not to go there. My reward was exams went excellent, I gained followers in my absence without losing any, Got to knew that my morning wishes were missed and people noted I was missing.

So finally I have a vacation and this time I would like to do something productive for a change. I have three things on my mind. The list goes like this-

  • Grab some extra knowledge
    First I was planning to do some internships but as my exams were postponed most of them have already started. So I have decided to do some online courses on Coursera. They have some certificate courses called signature track where they provide a certificate if you complete the course successfully. The course I am going to pursue is not a signature track. But its totally free and professors of Standford are going to teach. So I am going to catch some free and extra knowledge.
  • A foreign language
    I am suddenly very enthusiastic for learning a foreign language.  I still have to find some good classes but I am surely going to attend one, now or sometime later.
  • Bengaluru visit
    I desperately want to visit my sister for two reason. One, I haven’t seen her for nearly five months and lately I have been remembering her often due to some incidents. Second, Its a long time since I have made a journey and this blog waits a travel post.

Its a monsoon vacation sadly or I would have put swimming at top of the list. My mother suggested to learn cooking but as usual I am going to run. I have to find a company in my city for my company project this year.

I can this see holidays can be productive if even two of the three things are done successfully. I hope so. I am going to get regular in writings. I want to get regular on blog. I have time and I better use it.



  1. The only regret for me after reading this is, i wish i could have read this much earlier than now. Have spent my whole ‘monsoon vacation post exams by keep all my things to do restricted to my Diary . Such a wonderful expression of thoughts . Keep it up hope one day to catch you up. 🙂

    • Roohani Naik · July 14, 2013

      You write a diary? Thats wonderful. I do too. And about catching up. Its not that hard. I am sure you will.

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