The Dreamless People and Me

Some say dreams give meaning to life. But it sounds heavy to me. My dreams always revolved around a better and happy life. I never had a professional ambition. As a child I never aimed to become this or that on growing up. My desires from that time were always of a good lifestyle, money, respect. In short, a prosperous life. I grew up with this dream but didn’t knew how to achieve it. Now I know. I learned ones interest grows once you plunge into something. Computer Engineering is something now I love.

Engineering brought good changes in my life. One of them was competitiveness. I never competed in my school life. But as soon as I entered engineering I had a close feel of the competitive world. My first friends were toppers and they made the difference. Let me tell you the secret about this world is its addictive. Once you start being in the top your want for it grows. The passion in it is infectious. You can do anything but get out of it. Competition brought confidence and confidence tagged aspirations along with it.

I got a new direction. A new dream. To get one of the top hotshot job, to be the best of the people they have. Being successful has became the priority of my life. And when I realized this it got on me that this will automatically lead me to fulfillment of my earlier dreams. I now have to concentrate on just one thing, Working Hard.

From the day I started musing this, that is not before few years ago, I always believed that everybody has a dream of life. But I was surprised hearing their answers when asked. Some said they are dreamless, some said they are numb on this. Only few people had yearnings in their life.

Now there are some questions creeping up. Am I missing something by longing for being in the top? I don’t think so though. But I am not the best judge. Should those people have ambitions in life too? Are they missing something? Are they happier at present than me without ambitions?

But again I am happy with what I am getting. I have some very good friends. I go out now and then. My hobbies get enough time. And now I am going to sound selfish but more the people without ambitions, lesser competition while going up. So let them be late or absent.



  1. Siddhartha · May 22, 2013

    This was a good read, easy on the eye and conveyed the message perfectly. Well, I am glad that you have discovered what you really want from your life, because most of the people that I have met are just mindless wanderers. Once you aspire for something and work for it in the right direction, you can definitely achieve it. πŸ™‚
    Will wait for that day when you are where you see yourself at present πŸ™‚
    Good luck, always!

  2. Visha · June 5, 2013

    Oh no you are not missing out on anything πŸ™‚ By having a goal you are focusing your strength areas and honing your skills, in the company of competition – I see everything perfect here πŸ˜‰

    Everyone has dreams. Some make it their goals. Some are content with them being dreams.

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