How I became a handicap for a day

What do people do with the stolen self-start switches from the two wheelers?

Friday was a very bad day. Some lunatic took out my Activa’s self-start switch from its place.

I almost ran down the stairs of my building to the parking as I didn’t want to get late. Who did knew I was going to be late any way. I reached down got my vehicle out of my parking place and pressed the self-start. And BOOM! Surprise! No self start button. In its place
was a rectangle hollow space.

I got upstairs got keys of my second vehicle and downstairs another ‘surprise’ was waiting. Nothing for your guesses. The self start was missing here too. And the worst thing I discovered was that all other vehicles were in good condition. Only mine were damaged. Only of mine were missing. A month ago the same thing happened to my mother’s Access.

I informed my parents, called the mechanic, got a new self-start button and drove to college. Thankfully my lecturer was very late too. The whole day I was thinking thing only about two things. Who and why? Who took it out and why he took it out?

I got a few possibilities. Few are obvious.
First who did it?

  • My first suspect was my vehicle cleaner.
  • Then my two upstairs neighbors.
  • The watchman of the neighboring society.
  • The mechanic who has a shop downstairs. Our apartment have shops below too.
  • Or there is gang who do all this theft behind this.

And then why did these people do this?

  • In case of the cleaner. He has not appeared from last quite a few days. So I suspect him to be behind this.
  • For my neighbors. They constantly have a problem with parking space for their vehicles. We all have are reserved parking space from years. We came first so we have reserved some places of parking for ourselves. From years not one of our neighbors had any problem  with it. They all had their places reserved too. But this two new neighbors who moved one after other had got their problems from the start.
  • And for others- the mechanic, the watchman or the gang- for selling it on black. Obvious actually.

We can’t really take any actions because these are just suspicions. I wish we really knew who it was and why did he do it. But it was a bad day. One wrong thing and it affects the whole day. You are in no mood. You argue unnecessarily and ultimately spoil everybody’s mood too. And I hate people sad or crying because of me. But it was shitty day.

I found out that day that I am much handicapped without my vehicle.


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