A Big Dose of Suspense- The Rozabal Line

The Rozabal Line

I at last got my hands on this The Rozabal Line after so many months. I prefer using library or borrow books rather than buy firsthand.

I buy a novel only if no one has it and I am desperate. I like suspense and mysteries and thrillers much and mostly I end up with such novels.

THE ROZABAL LINE is a big big dose of suspense thriller. Its best I have read so far. Its captivating. I have put all my studies on a side and reading just this whole day. Ashwin Sanghi has got many surprises for you in it. Every page has a new line of mystery to it. I have to constantly refer the back pages I have read so far to keep tracks. Still I don’t mind it.

So many characters and so many places, Past and present, 80’s to this century. He takes you every where with this religious thriller.  I have read only half of the book still. But the most interesting character I found was Alberto Valerio. I found the name perfect,
creating suspense from itself.

Will get to write more after I complete.


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